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Summer activities for kids from free ebooks and


Help your children maintain skills away from school while summer holidays! Use free ebooks containing plenty of wonderful ideas and original summer learning programs. Find daily activities in mathematics, reading, writing, language arts, science and geography on There are also incentive contract calendars, certificate of completion and guidelines for kids to lead them through daily exercises.

Take in note idea about the four season diary. Your kid can use it at home or in the classroom. It surely will provide exciting time for both children and parents. Create stories; write poems and other creative applications of imagination due to changing seasons. Inside free manuals you will find collection of imaginative situations and questions about winter, spring, summer and fall. Workbooks will help your young student to develop creative writing skills.

It is enough to dedicate 10 minutes per day to work with your kid and free books to keep basic math and language skills on good level. Editions have a lot of motivating rewards built in so it won’t be a problem to involve kid in studying process. It also will be great opportunity for you to sit down with each child and learn what they have done and what still don’t know due to expected grade-level skills.

For long-lasting experience and better effect find series dedicated to summer activities for different grades. All you need to do is to change editions from one year to the next according to age of children and help them to be ready for challenge in school. You will see that some occasional activities in free e-books are fun rather than just educational.

Take 4th grade summer school lesson plan ideas with you to vacation or summer trip. Download information and save it on your iPad or Smartphone. Read, scroll and bookmark favorite pages. For convenience of our readers we publish all free books in PDF forms.

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