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The different modes of Auto Play in the various paid and free slots


Nobody could even imagine the variety of the additional features that would be available today for the gamblers at the beginning of the slots’ history. The changes that have concerned the engine of the machines, their appearance and the game principle have resulted in the technically perfect slot machine and from that point producers began looking for the additional upgrades. The major number of the improvements relates to the increasing of the player’s interest in bigger bets but some of them really help the gambler to operate the machine more efficiently. The invention of Auto Play that was made after the presentation of the video slots has resulted in the spreading of this function even to the video card games such as blackjack. However this feature is the most suitable for the slots because of their repetition and the stable betting preferences of the average gambler. The Auto Play isn’t interesting for the admirers of the free slots which dwell at the cosy but during the gambling at the paid slots it can save your precious time.

Despite the fact that the principle of this mode is common for every machine different producers try to invent their own features to stand out against a background. The Auto Play of the slots that were produced by the Realtime Gaming allows you to enter the number of the auto spins but also it can stop the mode after the reaching of some value. The number of such options is really exciting. Auto Play can be stopped after the winning or losing of the determined amount, after the activation of the bonus feature, after the winning of the jackpot and so on. It’s obvious that these possibilities are very useful for the players which want to leave the slots for some time or do something else while the reels are spinning.

The Vegas Techology has installed the similar possibilities into its slots but their Auto Play also allows you to set the time between the spins. This period can vary from 0.25 to 2.00 seconds. That’s the good option for the players who want or don’t want watching the game play. The Cryptologic not a long time ago also has included Auto Play into its products and has divided this option into two levels: simple and custom. Microgaming’s Auto Play is much simpler and it is called Expert Mode. You are able to try these features on the free slot games and choose your favorite Auto Play!

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